Sean Derek Jamieson

Creating art inspired by Science, Spirituality and Symbolism

Thank You For Visiting

For me, first and foremost, Reality Woven is Art as Therapy

I have Non Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD) which is a seizure disorder that is often miscategorised as Epilepsy, as such many sufferers spend their life being treated for the wrong condition.

For years my diagnosis was “Presumed Generalised Epilepsy”, and after years of switching medications, I was finally signed off work in 2014 while the real cause of my seizures could be investigated.

Historically I had worked in catering and other similar service jobs but due to the head injuries sustained over time, I found it increasingly more difficult to deal with all the sensory information that comes with working in fast paced high stress environments.

Since being signed off work in 2014 I’ve been living in isolation on ESA, partly in order to limit sensory input, and partly because living on benefits doesn’t afford much of a social life.¬†

In 2018 during one of my re-assessments for ESA, I presented the Idea of Reality Woven to the job centre as an idea for self employment where I could work from home, rather than them trying to find me jobs in catering because that is what I’d done historically but could do no longer.

 With Reality Woven, my work acts as an active meditation, one in which I can both keep my own mind calm while also putting some beauty back into the world.

The goal for myself with Reality Woven is to work myself off benefits and create a working environment more condusive with my medical needs, and hopefully make enough money to be able to afford private health care for my seizures as the only thing that helps them is talking therapies, not medication.

Thank you for visiting, and feel free to drop by any time to catch up on my progression as I weave my own reality for myself.

Bless & Blessed Be