The Work


“Make all your works Alchemical works”

(Hermetic proverb)

My Art Work

To the casual observer, I make intricate geometric tchotchkes ideal for collectors.

To the more initiated observers, they hold multiple layers of symbolism.

Utilising a self-taught 3-dimensional weaving technique, I make mathematical fractals and sacred geometry models using platonic frameworks, all made by hand, woven together with fishing and craft wires, and tied off with knots, no glue or soldering is involved in their construction. Each piece starts with a central core platonic polytope woven on a single length of wire, the faces of the core polytope are then used as bases of expansion for more polytopes, each expanded piece is also woven on its own individual wire. They are intended as hanging mobiles but could also be displayed on a mantle or any other flat surface, but at heir best, they should be hung as kinetic mobiles that will slowly spin of their own accord. The size of each finished piece depends on the lengths of the vertices used, so each piece could be as small or as large as materials used will allow, leading to either “micro” or “macro” finished works.

My work is a 3-dimensional physical representation of 2-dimensional mathematical and metaphysical concepts, they are a culmination of esoteric and spiritual research coupled with my scientific curiosity that began in my early teens with the beginning of my pagan practices, continuing throughout my life, to this day and on into my future, now with the application of Platonic and Hermetic principles included. The insights gleaned through Psychedelic exploration helped me bring the 2nd dimension into the 3rd. I explore and meditate upon the symbolism of each configuration of sacred geometry, as well as fractal frameworks, and create them as physical pieces. 

The aim of my work is to inspire wonder in the purchaser, a wonder that could inspire personal change and alchemical transformation when the symbolism of the piece is explored. Alchemical transformation begins in the mind, the transformation in question is that of the expansion of one’s mind leading to the enrichment of one’s soul. We all have our own minds which lead to our own interpretations of the world around us. It’s not for me to say what you “should get” from my work, that’s something for yourself to explore, my work is simply a starting point, expressed through art, for your own journey of self-discovery.

The Great Work


The Great Work signifies the spiritual path towards self-transcendence in its entirety. This is the process of bringing unconscious complexes into the conscious awareness, in order to integrate them back into one’s self, it is a term used in Hermeticism and occult traditions descended from it, Accomplishing the Great Work, symbolized as the creation of the “Philosophers Stone”, represents the culmination of the spiritual path, the attainment of enlightenment, or the rescue of the human soul from the unconscious forces which bind it.

There are many schools of thought about the creation of the Philosophers Stone, to some it’s a physical object of great power that can be found or created, imbuing the finder/creator with it’s power enabling them to accomplish whatever their hearts desire or grant them an ultimate wish.

To others it’s a metaphysical concept achieved within one’s own mind, granting the owner of the stone mastery of one’s self and the world around them.

Other definitions and interpretations are abound in the world, but ultimately, as I understand it, the Philosophers Stone is a deeply personal thing, what one person may see as their Philosophers Stone could be entirely different from that of another. The stone of one may not work for another, what one person values another may see as insignificant, it’s all a bit “what’s good for the goose may not be good for the gander”, it’s all things to all people, or everything to one while being nothing to everyone else.

For an addict, their Philosophers Stone may be sobriety.

For an illiterate, their Philosophers Stone may be the ability to read and write.

For a Despot, their Philosophers Stone may be complete world domination.

For me, my Philosophers Stone is complete autonomy and self-sufficiency, and my “Great Work” is my continuing journey toward these things through esoteric research and study, artistic expression, and spiritual self-improvement.

My journey is ongoing, my understanding continues to develop which leads to further growth mentally and spiritually, which transfers to better life practices with the attainment of further knowledge and development of new skills.

My own path is that of full attainment of “Maslov’s Hierarchy Of Needs” through the application of Hermetic and Platonic Principles within my life and artistic practices. 

I continue with my Pagan Practices, observing the cycle of the seasons within the Pagan wheel of The Year, reflecting on the symbolism and spirit of each Full Moon and Sabbat as signified by their associations, each moon having it’s own significance, each seasonal cycle having it’s spirit reflected by their associated God and Goddess. Within paganism the Gods and Goddesses are allegories for human nature, cosmic and planetary forces and seasonal cycles expressed in human forms, also within Paganism, “Magic” and “Science” are the same thing, only magic is a word used for children who’s minds are yet too undeveloped to grasp science. Within Hermeticism it’s understood that Gods do not create people, people create Gods.

As I understand it, in far flung antiquity, ancient civilisations related to their Gods in much different ways as is understood by people today through the lens of Monotheism, what we would consider a President, Prime Minister, Monarch, Sultan, Pharoah or other seat of authority, these were the Gods of antiquity.

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